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About the PCC

The Collectors Club is a community for PLAYMOBIL collectors from all over the world. The platform is provided and administrated by geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & Co. KG. Whenever there is any corporate or collector-specific news of interest it will be published here. We will gladly offer you useful extras such as common activities and up-to-date information! But in the end it is you - the members - who will make the Collectors Club a lively and dynamic place. We look forward to many great photos, videos and other information about your projects, exhibitions and collections.




Why is English the official language of the PCC?

The Collectors Club is an international community. Collectors from all over the world are welcome to join in. The site should be as comfortable as possible for everyone to use. For this reason we chose English as the main language. As a service for you, we integrated a translation button on every page by so you can translate the content into your own language. Furthermore, we set up an initial moderation team representing different regions and languages. These moderators will support us in providing relevent information in the main spoken languages. Would you like to support us as a translator or  moderator? Then send us a message!



Why do I have to pay for my PCC membership?

We charge a nominal fee of 10 € for 12 months for full membership of the PCC, as we only want people to register for the PPC who have a genuine interest in collecting PLAYMOBIL and the community. All registered members receive an attractive and valuable package in return, such as a special welcome gift and a personal membership card, an annual anniversary gift exclusive to the PCC, participation in community activities and raffles, access to the exlcusive PCC Special Sale with collector-specific items, exclusive previews, company news and much more.



When will I receive my Welcome Kit?

You will receive your Welcome Kit by post within a few weeks after subscribing. All Welcome Kits are manually registered and shipped out in batches every other week directly from Germany. Therefore delivery may take a little longer than a regular order would – we generally estimate up to 21 working days. Please note that during the holiday season (24.12.-06.01.) the PLAYMOBIL offices are shut, so new registrations in December or early January might experience some additional delay. 


I received a membership card together with my welcome pack. What can I use this card for?

Your personal membership card identifies you as an official member of the PLAYMOBIL Collectors Club. With this card you receive a 10% discount on products at the PLAYMOBIL FunPark shop and at the PLAYMOBIL FunStores (please note that the PCC discount is not valid during opening week!). For technical and logistical reasons, the 10%  discount is not valid on orders in our online shops. Furthermore you can enter one of the PLAYMOBIL Fun-Parks (Zirndorf, Paris, Malta, Athens or Palm Beach) once a year for free. You can download your annual free ticket from our website - more details can be found here. We reserve the right to cancel the above-named benefits at any time if they are abused!

Please add your personal member card number to your PCC profile.


This helps us to identify you by means of your personal card number in case it is lost.


Your member card can only be replaced if you have added your membership number to your PCC profile! On the right side you can see how to enter your number.






How to renew my membership?

Please note that it is no longer possible to renew the PCC membership. The PCC will close on 31.12.2017. All membership payments made from 01.01.2017 will be automatically reimbursed before the end of the year.



Why is there no way to order PLAYMOBIL products through the PCC?

Because we already offer a comprehensive range of online shops, direct service call centres and subsidiaries worldwide. There are online shops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Benelux (BE, NL, LU), Spain, PortugalUK, USA, Canada, Scandinavia (DK, FI, NO, SE), Poland, and Estonia. If you are a resident of one of these countries, you can order quickly and directly in your country’s online shop.



Is there a special collector's assortment?

There is indeed a special collector's assortment for PCC members. This assortment can be purchased in an additonal shopping area in the existing online shops (apart from USA and Canada) which is only accessible to full PCC members using a special PCC shop login. The number of items you can order is limited for each member. The assortment features a selection of special sets and editions exclusively produced for customers, retailers and other markets (subject to approval by customer and availability). If you live in a country that does not have a PLAYMOBIL online shop or in the USA or Canada you may consider the option of collective orders organised privately by other PCC members. For more info please click here.



Are there any other exclusive items for PCC members?

We intend to release one exclusive PCC item every year for all full members. Which item will it be next year? You will be surprised!




Resale of PCC items

Reselling of PCC Special Sale items is strictly prohibited. If any abuse comes to our notice, the affected person will be blocked from the PLAYMOBIL online shop and banned from the PCC immediately without any prior warning. The same applies to members who are reselling exclusive PCC items like the Welcome Kit (or components of it) or any of the annual PCC gifts, such as the White Knight (2013) or Marco Polo (2014).






Why is there no typical chat forum in the PCC?

As we do not want the PCC to compete with your existing fan boards, we decided not to give it the typical forum structure. Your discussions and barters can and should still take place there. Are you not yet active in a fan forum? Find a list here.



Why is it not possible to upload more than 20 photos a day?

The platform‘s storage capacity is limited. Limiting uploads hence enables all community members to upload the same quantity of content in order to avoid overloading the storage capacity after only a few days. We want you to be able to keep the PCC a fun place for a long time, after all…


May I spread PCC information and content from members-only sections?

Full members of the PCC have access to exclusive collector-specific content, information and pictures, which cannot be viewed by the general public or PCC users without membership status. This content may not be shared and published outside the PCC without the permission of geobra. Official geobra postings affected by this rule are marked accordingly (FEEL FREE TO SHARE! / CONFIDENTIAL – PLEASE DO NOT SHARE!). If any abuses come to our notice, the affected person will be blocked in the PLAYMOBIL online shop and banned from the PCC immediately without any prior warning. Furthermore we will not be able to publish exclusive product previews or other confidential information if this rule is not adhered to by all PCC members!



Am I allowed to copy product photos (such as images of new sets) that have been published online by geobra and put them on my own website or into a collectors’ forum?

Official PLAYMOBIL images such as our logo and online shop illustrations  are protected by copyright and owned by geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & Co. KG. Unless you have the express written consent of geobra the content may not be, without limitation, copied, reproduced, distributed, modified, or republished.

Provided you keep intact all copyright, trademark and other intellectual property notices, you may however use official PLAYMOBIL images for non-commercial purposes, if reproduced in an unaltered form and if the context is related to collector and fan activities.

We will act against any unauthorized usage of copyrighted material. The usage of official PLAYMOBIL images is not permitted for commercial purposes, to illustrate offers in online shops, such as eBay or in small marked ads (regardless of whether it is used PLAYMOBIL or new goods).

Further, official PLAYMOBIL images may not be used in any public context that has

  • any discriminating content
  • content used for political statements
  • content not suited for children
  • extremist content of any kind
  • content dealing with war and respective content glorifying violence

Am I allowed to use the company name and logo for my own projects?

You are not allowed use the official PLAYMOBIL® or PCC logo for your own projects. For the use of our trademarks and also company name, please refer to our Internet Guidelines. The guidelines stated in this document are also applicable to any printed materials.



I have an interest in customizing PLAYMOBIL products. What's geobra's view on this?

Please refer to the official geobra Guidelines on the modification of PLAYMOBIL figures and accessories.


Are there any plans to have collector meetings and guided factory tours for PCC members?

We know very well that many of you dream of coming to Zirndorf and visiting the PLAYMOBIL FunPark or the production site in Dietenhofen. This is why we hope to be able to organise a member meeting with a guided factory tour followed and a FunPark visit for interested PCC members every year. Any travel or accommodation costs need to be paid by the participant, and trip organisation is up to you as well. We’ll keep you informed about upcoming events in the PCC news area.



I have suggestions and ideas for improving the PCC. Who do I contact?

If you speak German or English, feel free to send a message to Kerstin (Social Media Community Manager). If you speak another language please contact one of the other PCC team members.



If you didn't find the answer to your question on this page, please contact one of the PCC team members!

Please note that the PCC will close on 31.12.2017. Therefore, it is no longer possible to sign up for full PCC membership. All current PCC members will continue to have access to the PCC and its content until the date of closure.

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