PCC Benefits

For a membership fee of 10 € for 12 months...

...all registered PCC members receive exclusive benefits in return:

a special welcome gift and a membership card, the participation in community activities, collector-specific news and much more!


What are your PCC benefits in detail?

Special welcome gift & PCC membership card

Exclusive PLAYMOBIL and collector-specific news and content

PCC Special Sale: Special and exclusive set offers for those who currently have access to a PLAYMOBIL online shop in their home country 

One exclusive PCC figure per year - only available for members of the club!

Possibility to buy special printed items such as t-shirts and mugs in our PCC Merchandising Shop

Participate in Polls

Special downloads

Common event planning

Free entry to one of our PLAYMOBIL FunParks (once a year)

10 % discount on PLAYMOBIL items at our PLAYMOBIL FunPark Shops and at PLAYMOBIL-FunStore in Munich, Germany

- Subject to modifications -

- Welcome Kit photo created by PCC member mobimani -


Are you already convinced?

Then come join the PCC to get these exclusive benefits!

Join the PCC here: Join PCC

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