PCC Benefits

For a membership fee of only 10 € for 12 months...


...all registered PCC members receive exclusive benefits in return, such as a special Welcome Kit with some great gifts and a membership card sent to you by post upon registration, the participation in community activities, exclusive competitions, collector-specific news and much more!


What are your PCC benefits in detail?

Special welcome gifts sent by post upon registration

Personal PLAYMOBIL PCC membership card

Exclusive PLAYMOBIL and collector-specific news and content

Exclusive product previews

PCC Special Sale with special and exclusive set offers (please note that there is no new assortment for 2017, the assortment for 2016 is still on sale until further notice)

One annual exclusive PCC figure for members only

Option to buy exclusive merchandise such as t-shirts and mugs in our PCC merchandising shop

Participate in polls

Special downloads

Common event planning

 Free entry to one of our PLAYMOBIL FunParks once a year

10 % discount on PLAYMOBIL items at any PLAYMOBIL FunPark Shop

10 % discount on PLAYMOBIL items at any official PLAYMOBIL FunStore 

Subject to modifications

Welcome Kit photos created by PCC member mobimani


Have you been convinced?

Then join the PCC to receive these exclusive benefits!

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