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Animals, City Life, Other
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Organizing exhibitions, Taking pictures

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Working out the ideas

Posted on December 23, 2014 at 11:00pm 2 Comments

Hey collectors! I finished 2 parts of the diorama: The city park and the beach. It worked out beautifully even though I didn’t knew if I could make it blend together..And it did even better than I could ever expect! I know I talked about my ideas of the funpark in my last blog, but working on the beach seemed better for me because it’s easier and I could build some more on the part I already finished to make it one piece. Why didn’t I talk about it earlier? The ideas came while I was busy building, By that.. it also means that I changed it allot as you will see in the pictures I made. Besides that, I wanted to let you see the results by the ideas for all of you to make it more interesting. Here they are! The diorama itself is based on vacation, and for some like me… this is THE time to dream about a long and warm vacation somewhere beautiful! I hope you’ll be able to feel the warmth like I do. 

The city park 

In the beginning of the city park, when you walk onto the path you'll have a place to sit near the lake to enjoy the silence or to look at the beautiful fountain. You’ll reach a little hut if you walk some more. It’s perfect to feed the ducks or you can propose to your girlfriend. 

                                                                                                 You can choose what you want to do when you are in the hut: stay inside and enjoy the view, or you can tour on the path and go to the little petting zoo. You’ll be able to see the beach from out there and more important: THE ICE CREAM SHOP! The kids will love this, and not only that!…


So many ideas for my diorama! :o

Posted on December 21, 2014 at 1:00am 2 Comments


Hello collectors/ Rollers! I couldn’t work on playmobil the first part of the month, I had to learn for my exams. Happily they all went well! But right now I have a two week long vacation! I already had enough time to finally go through my playmobil. The only bad thing is: I’m very sloppy.  So my playmobil was lying through my whole loft,my own bedroom and our upstairs hallway.   I’ve found many things, and it gave me even more ideas for my new project. I’ve found my elves back, and it reminded me of the ‘efteling’, the ‘droomvlucht’  in particular. Translated it means: Dreamflight. It’s one of the most beautiful attractions I’ve ever seen! It has many parts: Castle kingdom, tunnel of stars, space, the forest, dreamswamp and the elves garden. The last two parts are the ones I’ll try to make, but mixed together.   (like the picture on the right) 

I’ve found some great material for the dreamflight! Of course the elves decorations, playmobil flowers who I’ve sorted by color to make it as colorful as in the picture! I’ll also use animals, the arena from the circus who can spin. I’ll use that for the spinning lake. I also use some moss to make it natural but I still need to find some parts like a background, and some components from the elves wich I know I have! somewhere..   If you want a better look of this attraction, you can watch the full ride on youtube:               If you want to see the ride itself, you can start on 1.41. I’ll recommend it to everyone!   

New project: Fun park …


A little introducing

Posted on December 19, 2014 at 5:47pm 2 Comments

Hey playmobil collectors. My name is Annabel Rolloos, a Dutch woman who loves to decorate and set up playmobil dioramas. I’m younger than most of you probably are: I’m currently 16 years old. So I'm not a professional, not at all.. but I'm getting better and better at it by setting up new dioramas once in a while. I'll already apologize for my English if I'll make some mistakes it's not my mother language. 

How did it all started? 

It all started when I was five years old, I walked into the toystore with a smile on my face.. and there I saw a playmobil vacation home. I loved playmobil since then! And I soon started collecting. Ofcourse.. I was still five or six years old, so I couldn't buy playmobil myself. So I asked playmobil for my birthday, for christmas or for just a gift. My playmobil kept getting bigger! I loved making city's in my room. My father joined me, as he loved playmobil aswel! He had some figures, so I started with maybe twenty figure.. while I had 300 figures the last time I counted. (I was curious) 

I can't find pictures of my earliest city's, but if you would.. you would see a mess! My mother wanted me to reduce my playmobil because she couldn't clean my bed anymore.. That's why I'm currently building in our ettic. And it's a good thing, not only for her! 

I've already builded some diorama's there. And as my age went up, my decorating changed. Everytime! That's why I made allot of dioramas. There was a time when I loved making zoo's.... and cities... then I got the hospital, and the school and mostly tried to display it as best as I could. you can see some of those pictures on my profile. …


Comment Wall (5 comments)

At 12:18pm on December 21, 2014,
PCC Member

I am glad that you like my pictures!
I'm already excited to see how the Christmas tree decoration looks.
I'll hang it up at the top of the tree - safe from children and cat 
Enjoy your christmas-holidays!

At 1:24pm on January 3, 2015,
PCC Member

Thank you for the invitation

At 12:24am on January 20, 2015, imperator said…
Hola desde España
At 4:45pm on February 7, 2015,
PCC Member
Miguel Loureiro

Hi Annabel, this week I posted new pictures, I hope you are to your liking as above. A greeting

At 11:14pm on March 18, 2015,
PCC Member
Miguel Loureiro

I am delighted that you keep liking my photos, take me quite work order parts to the web, the DS, create sets, etc. I have some projects in preparation,

Hope you pleasing as the previous photos, see you soon

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