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PLAYMOBIL event | Oosterhout

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(Zirndorf, Germany) September 19, 2016 – Fire-breathing dragons will soon soar through the…


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PLAYMOBIL exhibition | LuxPlaymoDays 2016

Dear fans & collectors

On August 27. August & 28. August 2016 the 11th edition of the LuxPlaymoDays took place at the Salle des fêtes & Hall des Sports in Clemency, Luxembourg. The PCC team visited the LuxPlaymoDays for the first time and were really impressed not only by the great dioramas, but also by passion and love that went into the…


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2016 PLAYMOBIL FunPark Exhibition | Making Of Marco Polo

Dear fans & collectors

The new season at the FunPark has started and three great dioramas have been lovingly put together by collectors once again. Soon we will publish pictures of these three dioramas here at the PCC. Today we would like to share with you some Making Of pictures of the "Marco Polo" diorama by Brubil.

Check out our photo album …


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Look what we found in the yard today...

Dear fans & collectors

We could not believe our eyes when we came into the PLAYMOBIL office today! On a warm summer day, Santa Claus has decided to pay the PCC team a visit!

It certainly looks like it will THE year for large PLAYMOBIL…


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New PLAYMOBIL®-FunStore in Mönchengladbach

Dear fans & collectors…


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Updated: 40 Years of PLAYMOBIL

Dear fans and collectors

Last year was a very special year - 40 years of PLAYMOBIL inspired us to create an infographic with an overview of the most important milestones, some interesting numbers and some fun random knowledge. Over a year has passed and more figures have joined the PLAYMOBIL family. Reason enough to update our infographic with the latest…


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First impressions...

Dear fans & collectors

Greetings from the International Toy Fair 2015!…


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This very day, 40 years ago, the first figures were introduced to the public.

And the rest is history...…


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Captured: 40 Years of PLAYMOBIL

Dear fans and collectors,

Welcome to PLAYMOBIL's Anniversary Year!

Time to recall the past and throw a glance at some important milestones in the brand's history. Therefore, we prepared an infographic which highlights a…


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40 Years of PLAYMOBIL - An Anniversary Exhibition

Join us on an adventurous journey through time!…


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The PLAYMOBIL product archive is back!

Dear fans and collectors,

In the last months, our PLAYMOBIL product archive has been revised and completed. 

Today, we are happy to announce that the German version of the product archive hast just been relaunched!




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An eerily beautiful PLAYMOWEEN to all of you!…


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Dear Collectors,

PLAYMOBIL owner Horst Brandstätter (80) was really overwhelmed by all your birthday greetings!

With this short video message HOB would like to express his thanks to all well-wishers.






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PLAYMOBIL Insights - Interview #4 | Horst Brandstätter, Owner of geobra Brandstätter GmbH & Co. KG

Dear fans and collectors,


A few weeks ago, we asked our PCC members to hand in their questions to PLAYMOBIL company owner Horst Brandstätter.…


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New PLAYMOBIL Distribution Center | Ground-breaking Ceremony

It was a sunny day when PLAYMOBIL owner Horst Brandstätter (79) and his team officialized the start of construction of the new PLAYMOBIL distribution center by a symbolic delve of spade.

On the industrial area of Herrieden, Germany (25 km from Dietenhofen), PLAYMOBIL is building a huge distribution…


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New PLAYMOBIL-FunStore in Munich

Dear collectors,

On February, 18th, 2013, PLAYMOBIL opened up its first shop in a shopping center.

The new PLAYMOBIL-FunStore is located at Pasing Arcaden in Munich, Germany. On 106 m² PLAYMOBIL presents its complete current assortment, including Add Ons and PLAYMOBIL Merchandise.…


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Collector of the Month | January 2013

Dear PLAYMOBIL fans,

It's time to celebrate our first Collector of the Month in 2013!

Congratulations to PCC member Emma.J!

Emma lives in the UK and her love for PLAYMOBIL started with the Victorian mansion. It was the first set (5300) she ever bought as an adult collector.…


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Santa is coming soon!

Hohoho, dear PLAYMOBIL friends!

Looks like Santa is coming soon - even to the PLAYMOBIL Headquarters in Zirndorf, Germany...…


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Available from end of October: New figures made of synthetic resin



Good news! Our French licensee Leblon Delienne continues to launch the successful series of PLAYMOBIL sculptures made of synthetic resin. Three new figures based upon the PLAYMOBIL originals from 1975 will be available from end of October, 2012. The edition will be limited to 1.500 pieces per figure.



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