Brazil is a crucial target to LEGO ! Meanwhile...what are Geobra plans for us ???

Dear PCC friends,

Of course I love to play as much as you all !

I'm counting the days hoping to build my western diorama once more...

But, in the meanwhile, life goes on, and sometimes our adult-side of life stumbles at irrefutable facts that rules the world.

And, in the business world, I stumbled at a news story in one of our most prestigious brazilian magazine.

It is related to Lego investments and their focus in our brazilian toy market.

After reading it, I started to imagine what might be Geobra business plan to our brazilian market (or if there is even a plan at all...).

In fact, after 5 years since the playmobil returned to Brazil via a local importer representative, and watching their limited investments and efforts to promote a traditional global brand such as Playmobil throughout a continental country such as ours, I sadly realize that the brazilian market is nothing but an exotic place to play...

Otherwise, where are the complete themes to full our stores shelves ? Where is our online shop chapter ? Where is the budget to consistent promotional actions ? Where is the financial support to our fan activities ?

Questions that will probably never be answered... at least in a fan forum...

Hoping to read your points of view, either from 'online', 'offline' or 'german-like' countries ! 

Wish you all a nice weekend !


César, the mayor of PlayBrasilmobil

P.S.: The news story link is 

I have translated to give you the opportunity to discuss the topic. You can read the english translation below.


EXAME (brazilian business magazine)
online edition
06/12/2013 11:00
by Julia Carvalho

Why Brazil is the missing piece in the Lego business
According to director of operations Robério Esteves, the Brazilian market is, more than ever, in the target of the company

Robério Esteves , director of the Lego operations in Brazil:
"The investment we are making in the country is being thought in the medium and long term"

São Paulo - Brazil is, more than ever, a center target for Lego.

So says Robério Esteves, director of operations in the country 's second-largest toy company in the world, told .

By the end of 2013, the company will repeat the mark achieved in 2012 - a 50% increase in sales in the country - and hopes to keep the upward curve in the coming year. By 2011, the rate was around 25%.

"This jump is due to our strategy of developing the Lego brand in the Brazilian market," says Esteves. He said the plan is to focus first on the brand perception by the child. Thinking about it, the company renewed 84% of their product line throughout the year. " The idea is to show how we are working to get news, attracting both those who do not have a product brand as those who collect them."

Besides the concern about the children preferences, the executive of the Danish manufacturer claims that another big part of the outreach efforts of the brand goes to parents and retailers. For the first group, the concern is to provide credibility and sense of security in relation to toys. For the second, the idea is to show that having the brand in their stores will also garantee them a good commercial result.

Lego follows the example of other imported brands that saw in the expansion of the Brazilian consumer market an opportunity for growth. "The investment we are making in the country is being thought in the medium term. There is still a huge potential consumer market to be explored, "he said. The executive is certain that Brazil will contribute, and much, to hit the $4.1 billion in global revenue recorded in 2012.


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Comment by lucianoleite on December 7, 2013 at 2:47am

Great, César!!!  Bravo!!!

Your beautiful post reflected the wishes of the vast community of brazilian collectors and consumers of our dear playmobil! 

PCC Member
Comment by cesarprefeito on December 7, 2013 at 3:37am

Dear Luciano,

Thanks for your compliments !

The point I'd like you and all friends to discuss is to define what makes a local market interesting from a Geobra point of view afterall ???

Because, as well as many other countries, Brazil has a previous 'playmobil' story with 2 different local manufacturers for 25 years !

This share of mind still persists among former consumers that today are between 35 and 45 years old - it means "daddys" that could buy playmobil to their children with a sentimental approach !!

Worst fact - that historical opportunity is fading away probably in the next 5 years maximum...

As a spontaneus entrepreneur heading the brazilian collectors, I've been doing the best that I could in my reach to rekindling that flame, but when we read news about substantial investments from other competitors, it discorageous.

Any more comments ?


César 'prefeito'

Comment by marcius.victor on December 7, 2013 at 5:58pm


Some considerations and questions after reading the comments from friends and reportage ...

( part of the interview ) - " This jump is due to our strategy of developing the Lego brand in the Brazilian market " - it is , to what extent Geobra , or even Sunny - which must have an interest in "selling " well established product (I believe this to be the focus of the company ) - are concerned about the [ b ] brand development [ / b ] ? Let's face it , these days are few children know Playmobil ; saved our children ( nephews , godchildren , relatives ... ) ie children of collectors are rare children who know the toy ... By N factors , one of them a lack of effort on the [ b ] brand development [ / b ] here , in our country !

* If you allow me , I can give you an example : last year , my son ( 6 years ) studied about princes , princesses , kings , queens , wizards ... in some fairy tales to illustrate and I directed a survey to school some playmos related to the topic ; a universe of 20 students ( the room ) , some more teachers , none of them knew the Playmobil ! And look at that in the region where I live has 2 shops selling toy!

( part of the interview ) - " The idea is to show how we are working to get news , attracting both those who do not have a product brand as who collects them " - it is the " focus " is not only for children , is also to collectors and , during the interview , it is still covered on parents of children who buy LEGO , which means that there is a concern with the public that consumes - and this type of approach is also adopted by the " double " Geobra / Sunny ? As collectors , we have a very large weight of consumption but to what extent it is known " the double " ?

It's a shame we still have some kind of situation like this , and as Igor commented above, the companies there that are enriching .

AGREES tripe ! WAKE UP !


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