Dear PLAYMOBIL fans & collectors

Just before the Christmas holidays, please congratulate our Collector of the Month for December 2016!

It's the wonderful Jenn from Gran Canaria, Spain! 

Jenn has been collecting PLAYMOBIL all her life - it has been her favourite toy since childhood and she still has her first sets, such as 3211 Citycar or 3146 Franky's Restaurant - real treasures! "When I was a teenager I didn’t use to play, but I kept on buying some boxes that I used to open, assemble and keep them again" Jenn says.

In 2004 she realized that she wasn’t the only one with such a passion for PLAYMOBIL and started to get involved in the collector scene. She attended her first exhibition in 2006. "From that year to nowadays there have been many more exhibitions and I found a lot of mates with this same passion. Twelve years ago my collection was almost about 100 figures, nowadays I’ve got a boxroom where there isn’t much free room to keep all my references!"

Her favourite themes are City Life, Victorian Life and Vikings, but she has set from nearly all themes. Jenn also collects merchandising products and enjoys customizing and diorama building.

Don't miss her great pictures on Facebook and Instagram:

You can find out more about Jenn and her collection here.

Congratulations from PLAYMOBIL and the PCC team! 

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Our community activity Collector of the Month and the Annual Raffle will end with our Collector of the Month for December 2016. We have noticed that there is less interest in the activity altogether, therefore we will change the monthly competition into the community activity PCC Picture of the Month from January 2017. There will also be great rewards and incentives - a more detailed update will follow in January! 

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PCC Member
Comment by Llandereta on December 27, 2016 at 11:57pm

Enhorabuena Por Ser el colector del mes !!! Tienes Una Colección preciosa. 

PCC Member
Comment by Pharaoh Ru on January 22, 2017 at 3:41am

Jenn You have a considerable collection.  Nicely done!


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