Hi everyone!!!
I am from Perú and here is very difficult to buy Playmobil, but I like them since I was a kid. I was born in 1988 and I remember that my parents gave me an astronaut and a police officer for my fourth birthday.  I think that they were made by Basa (here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gKDWFKIZAI ). Then in my six or seventh Christmas, my aunt gave me a biker. I play a lot with my first 3 Playmobil, they were great but I don’t see more Playmobil. I only dream with the small Catalogue …. I dream with Playmobil pirates and romans… the years pass and the Playmobil disappeared from Perú.
In 2005 I started to see, on the internet, that Playmobil toys were still in stores!  I was too happy. Then I began to earn my money and try to buy some from the internet, but they were too expensive. In 2010, I and my girlfriend started to buy some. And one by one I started to have a lot of Playmobil. Now I have a lot of them and I am trying to concentrate in romans, pirates, knights … it is very difficult, I want all of them XD. 
I have a project, but I left it for some time, and it is called Playmope ( https://www.facebook.com/playmope ). Here are some of my lovely Playmobil. I like a lot that ones related to history or museums and I am very excited about the  Ghostbusters theme (I don’t like Super 4 series, I have to said it sorry)

Now I am trying to buy an XXL Playmobil, but the system of mailing it is very expensive. The gift of Marco Polo and Joan of Arc were great. My dream is that more people of Perú start to buy more Playmobil and maybe sometimes there would be a store of Playmobil in Perú.
Thanks to all of you (Sorry my English, it is not my mother language).

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Comment by PLAYMOBIL® on February 15, 2017 at 9:10am

Hi enurteagaa, many thanks for sharing your PLAYMOBIL story with us here at the PCC! 

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Comment by Ronan on March 19, 2017 at 8:14am

My father and me watched your facebook page. Its great. I love the video: Cuantos tipos de collecionistas de clicks hay? (How many different types of collectors are there?

I think I'm a player. I don't leave playmobil in there box. But my father always want to open the boxes. That's no fun. He keeps all the boxes. I do have a lot of boxes with al the parts seperated. But I'm not so good in sorting, so he helps me.

I do have a question for you . . .   ¿Qué típo de collecionista eres? 

And maybe you can open a Paymobil shop in Perú. And everyone comes to you to buy Playmobil and then you can buy a Playmobil XXXXXL. 

Greetings from the Netherlands


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